snoutstik® Created to Rid the K-9 World of Dry Noses!

Opie & Dixie®, LLC, a leading pet product company, announced the launch of snoutstik® Nose Balm for Dogs, in September, 2011.

"We have created a REAL solution to a REAL problem for many dogs," said Debbie Guardian, President, Opie & Dixie®, LLC. "snoutstik®’s core ingredients can be a very effective and convenient treatment for dry, cracked noses. It’s made in the USA from 100% natural ingredients and is vegan friendly."

"Our consumers asked for an easy, no mess way to give their dogs the healing power of balm," said Guardian, "so we modeled the snoutstik® package after the ChapStick® dispenser. This makes snoutstik® easy to use and convenient to carry. Consumers can apply this healing, moisturizing balm to their dog’s dry and cracked noses any place, anytime."

Opie & Dixie®, LLC

"Nothing but the best" is the promise Debbie Guardian made long ago to her dogs, Opal (Opie) and Dixie. With that mission in mind, she founded Opie and Dixie®, LLC to make wholesome pet care products from the highest quality natural ingredients available.

Since 2008, Opie & Dixie® has been offering healing paw balm, natural and organic shampoos, and nutritional supplements, to consumers who have made the same promise to give the best to their pets. To locate a snoutstik® retailer or for more information call 415-652-7989 or visit

snoutstik® is made in the USA from domestically sourced, 100% natural, vegan ingredients.

Please see a veterinarian if your dog experiences prolonged dryness, scabbing, peeling or bleeding of the nose, as these symptoms could indicate serious illness.

ChapStick® is a registered trademark of Pfizer Consumer Healthcare.